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Co-op Mailing

Share Mail Campaigns and Save Big

Not every business may want to be on the Massive 9″ x 12″ Neighborhood Direct Deals Mailer , that’s ok.

You are a SMART business owner if you want to take advantage of the benefits of postcard marketing with direct mail.  Your business saves money when you advertise with non-competing businesses.  Leveraging with other complementing businesses makes sense.  You all share the cost.

Businesses can group together by targeting the same market or the same geographical area.

250-HomesSaturation Marketing

Studies show that people like to shop close to home.   Close to home means usually within a five mile radius.  Saturation marketing will hit every local mailbox.  Census reports that there is an average of 2.5 people per household.  So every mail box you hit adds more customers to look at your offer.  We’ll get your offer to them, it’s up to you to make them your friend.

This type of saturation is great for service-oriented businesses like restaurants, lawn-care, cleaning, construction, medical and dental. It’s effective, easy, and  affordable advertising.  And it’s all inclusive so design, mail prep, postage, and delivery are included Free and you can “Go Big for Less Money” and crush your competition. You’re Welcome!

Targeted Marketing

Homeowners spend a lot of money improving their homes.  This becomes a great opportunitytargeted-market for the following businesses:

  • Masons
  • Plumbers
  • Re-modelers
  • Fence companies
  • Deck Builders
  • Furnace Installation and Repair
  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • Interior Design and Furniture
  • Pool companies
  • Carpet companies

6715467_SEvents Marketing

When you stop to think about these shared postcard marketing opportunities the possibilities can be endless.

Share a card for Seasonal Events such as Mother’s Day.  A florist, a candy maker, and a restaurant could share a postcard and profit from a shared mailing.  Everyone’s business has Holiday Specials.

Team up with other businesses to offer your best deals and sell the card to help an individual who needs the help because someone has cancer or someone has been tragically injured.  Help feed the poor people in your town or neighborhood. It’s so positive to get your message out and help others at the same time.

If you have a group of related businesses in mind, contact us at 814.648.0665.  I’m collecting names for themed shared mailings.  Let’s put together your offer with another business that complements yours today! 

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